Focus on a Sustainable Bio-Economy

The BioEoN project establishes a Higher Education Institution (HEI) network of excellence for peer2peer learning and joint academic capacity building. Three European and three Vietnamese partners in the field of Sustainable Forest- and Bio-Economy merge different perspectives and connect a variety of stakeholders to address the challenge that bio-economy is not by itself sustainable.

Virtual and innovative

The BioEcoN project aims to innovate higher education in all participating universities. Digital tools like virtual tours are only a…

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Aims and Activities

Higher Education Institutions face the challenge of producing ‘fit-for-job’ graduates in response to rapidly changing demands on various job markets.…

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results and impact

Results and Impacts

The project enhances the level of academic, methodological and institutional skills among all partners through the design and development of…

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BioEcoN at Work

Three universities from Vietnam collaborate with universities from Spain, Finland and Germany to develop innovative learning materials that offer students a multidisciplinary view on sustainable forest-based bioeconomy. By developing a new Master of Science Programme the participating universities modernise, renew and align their curricula towards multidisciplinary skills and competencies. The project partners internationalize to produce fit-for-job graduates in response to rapidly changing job markets. The six partners merge their expertise to develop the innovative Master of Science Programme.

BioEcoN Exchange

Project Focus

BioEcoN in the forest

BioEcoN's Focus

The BioEcoN project promotes sustainable value creation in the Bio-Economy sector as it equips universities and future graduates with the required skills, methodologies and innovation to transform the sector. Among European Higher Education Institutions there are currently no courses offered with a similar focus on sustainable forest-based bioeconomy.

BioEcoN lecturer from XAMK
Curriculum Development

innovative and multi-disciplinary

Improving Higher Education

BioEcoN team measuring tree

effective and long-lasting

Caring for the future

BioEcoN Researchers from VNU HUS and UVA

diverse and multi-cultural

Capacity for students and staff

Investment in Sustainable Forestry

organic and sustainable

Bridging economy and ecology

Our Motivation

  • “The material on bio-economy we develop together can be used in our existing master programmes, in our courses as reference material for the students and also possibly in the future in a joint master degree.”

    Prof. Dr. Felipe Bravo Oviedor, University of Valladolid
  • “Bio Economy poses for me a big opportunity, the opportunity to put natural resources and their use more central into focus and to foster it in the political discussion. And I see it as a potential means to bridge this old conflict between natural resources uses and natural resource conservation.”

    Prof. Dr. Carsten Mann, HNEE
  • “The economy in Vietnam is growing very fast so, the country needs to develop a more green approach to economy and more sustainable. So bio-economy is an important factor here – not only for Vietnam.”

    Prof. Dr. Pham Van Chuong, Vietnam Forestry University