These virtual forest tours (VFT) were created in cooperation with Prof. Felipe Bravo and Prof. Dr. José A. Reque Kilchenmann and the Institute for Research for Sustainable Forest Management of the University of Valladolid (iuFOR). Visit the homepage for more information, various supplementing tours and further learning materials.

To get a deeper understanding of the creation process of a virtual forest tour, see also the provided materials at tutorials.

Virtual forest tour from VNU-HUS

“Welcome to our forest”. Doan Manh Linh and Nguyen Thi Van, students from VNU-HUS, are our guides through the campus forest in Hanoi.

Take a look at the virtual tour here.

Together with Prof. Dr.  José A. Reque Kilchenmann the VNU students Doan Manh Linh, Nguyen Thi Van, Nguyen Hoang Nam, Pham Minh Anh (photographic field work) and Ngo Xuan Phong (picture stitching) produced a 360 degree video using simple equipment including a tripod, a nodal head and a digital camera. Click here to open the tour in a new tab. The VFT will be integrated into the curricula as low cost teaching tools independent from the usual limitations like costs, accessibility, course schedule and climatic conditions.

Marteloscope-VFT from the HNEE

In autumn 2019, a VFT was created at a Marteloscope site in Eberswalde, close to the forest monument “Möllergrab”.

In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Peter Spathelf, the students Torben Föhrder and Lina Wernicke from Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development produced a 360 degree panorama tour of the site, using the same techniques and equipment as described in the previous article. To visit this mixed pine-beech stand in a new tab click here.

Windthrow-VFT from the HNEE

Another forest site close to Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development is now accessible by a virtual 360 degree tour. The former mixed beech-oak stand was severely damaged by a storm in 2017. The resulting windthrow area was captured to provide a reference for monitoring regeneration and stand development over time.

The HNEE students Torben Föhrder and Lina Wernicke created this virtual tour in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Spathelf and the BioEcoN project. Click here to open it in a new tab.

BioEcoN Virtual Forest Tours