The BioEcoN project aims to innovate higher education in all participating universities. Digital tools like virtual tours are only a first step towards a multi-disciplinary, up – to date curriculum.

“Welcome to our forest”. Dan Manh Linh and Ngyyen Van, students from VNU-HUS, are our guides through the campus forest in Hanoi.

Together with Prof. Dr.  José A. Reque Kilchenmann a group of VNU students produced a 360 degree video using simple equipment including a tripod, a nodal head and a digital camera. By stiching the images, a 360 degree virtual reality emerged . A stroll in the Vietnamese forest is now only a mouse click way.  The virtual tours will be integrated into the curricula as teaching tools as Virtual Tour (VT) users can virtually experience, at low cost, walkthroughs in real world realities. In forestry didactics, the arrangement of field tours and field courses is limited due to costs, accessibility, course schedule and climatic conditions. Virtual tours here open opportunities to lectures and students and bring the forest to the classroom..

Explaining the camera work
Explaining the nodal head (left); Stichting images (right)

Prof. Dr.  José A. Reque Kilchenmann benefitted from great engagement of VNU students and support from Prof. Dr. Jan-Peter Mund. Next to Dan Manh Linh and Ngyyen Van, Nguyen Hoang Nam and Pham Minh Anh took the photographs while Ngo Xuan Phong stitched the images.

The team documented the production process of the virtual tours. Take a look and find out how it works.