Technologies are driven by innovation. Bio-Economy is no exception. The BioEcoN project aims to strengthen the idea of sustainable bio-economy and environmental protection in respective curricula and academic staff exchange projects among partner universities. A new innovative curriculum is a driving force and foundation of all participating universities. The new curriculum fuses scientific practices, sustainability core ideas, and crosscutting concepts from different disciplines.

A multidisciplinary M.Sc. programme on Sustainable Forest- and Bio-Economy implemented in the form of a blended and distance learning (e-learning) program will be a unique feature in the higher education area of environmental M.Sc. programmes.

BioEcoN works on a set of peer2peer curriculum development projects for partner HEIs’ staff, based on the development of new curriculum concepts and new teaching modules. The development of new syllabi and didactical e-learning material improves blended and online education in the bio-economy sector. Only a few distance or blended learning courses exist in the forestry sector yet. The developed curricula and syllabi will be tested in a set of summer schools and will be published in a dissemination conference in 2020. Further information will be published later.