Viewing value creation in the Bio-Economy sector through the lens of sustainable forestry requires a multi-disciplinary approach. The participating universities with their staff contribute diverse fields of academic expertise. The perspectives of forest ecology(VNUF, HNEE), resource and forest economics (HNEE; XAMK), forest policy andeconomics (VNUF) and biomass and forest-IT (HNEE, UVa) or bioenergy (UVa) areneeded to develop the curricula as well as Forest engineering (UVa), Environmental Management (VNU-HUS) or Land Use-management and Rural development(TUAF, HNEE). Experts on forest utilization and timber markets (HNEE) and entrepreneurship (XAMK) will ensure that private sector perspectives are included in the process. Due to the balance of skills, expertise andexperience, the consortium will be able to safeguard that all relevant issuesrelated to sustainable forestry and bio economy are sufficiently covered. At the same time, all partners are soundly based in their key theme and are firmly embedded within relevant research and professional networks.