University Collaboration Across Continents


Viewing value creation in the bio-economy sector through the lens of sustainable forestry is an innovative and new approach, but no multidisciplinary M.Sc. program in Europe focusing on the combination of sustainable forestry and bio-economy exists yet.

The BioEoN project establishes a Higher Education Institution (HEI) network of excellence for peer2peer learning and joint academic capacity building. Three European and three Vietnamese partners in the field of sustainable forest- and bio-economy merge different perspectives and connect a variety of stakeholders to address the challenge that bio-economy is not by itself sustainable.

Higher Education Institutions face the challenge of producing ‘fit-for-job’ graduates in response to rapidly changing demands on various job markets. This challenge is even more critical in study programmes tightly coupled with innovative and multidisciplinary sectors and technologies such as bio-economy or nature conservation.

The BioEcoN project develops innovative learning materials that offer students a multidisciplinary perspective on issues and topics of bio-economy. By implementing the projct the participating universities modernize, renew and align their curricula towards multidisciplinary skills and competencies and internationalize permanently to compete on the international market of higher education.

Bridging Europe and Vietnam, the BioEcoN project provides an opportunity to the faculty members as well as the current learners / students to acquire knowledge and skills, in addition to their regular curricula, in an international learning environment.