Vietnam and Europe share the concern for natural resources. The EU Bio-Economy Strategy (2012) aims at a more resource efficient and competitive society able to sustainably use renewable resources while ensuring environmental protection and societal  well being. The continuously growing demand on forests for wood and bioenergy production has triggered new forest-related policies and strategies at different political levels and  across sectors (e.g. reviewed EU Bio-Economy strategy 2017, Vietnam. Nat.Green Growth Strategy, 2012). For Vietnam and the National Government green growth and the Bio-Economy sector play a vital role for a long term sustainable development. Vietnam’s strategy aims at “conducting scientific research, enhancing and supporting the application of appropriate and innovative technologies to more efficiently use natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to an effective response to climatechange”. The strategy encourages the development of green industry and green agriculture based on environmentally friendly technologies and equipment; enhancing investment in natural capital as a proactive prevention andenvironmental protection.