The Vietnam National University – University of Science (VNU-HUS), Hanoi is an institution with more than 110 years of tradition and development (since 1906 as Indochina University). Today this university is known as the number one university in Vietnam in the field of basic science. In 2015 VNU-HUS ranked the 1st in Vietnam for international publications. From 15th January to 20th January 2017, the VNU University of Science assessed the education quality according to the AUN-QA standards, honored to become the first university in Southeast Asia undergoing such kind of quality assessment. In the period 2012-2015, the VNU University of Science has 6 training programs, which were assessed by the ASEAN University Network (AUN) under the AUN-QA standards, namely: bachelor programs in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Geology and Environmental Science. In particular, programs in Chemistry and Geology were marked 5.0 points which are the second-highest scoring in Southeast Asia.

VNU-HUS has several strong groups that focus on forestry, biology, environmental sciences, renewable energy, advanced materials for green growth.


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