Topic: BioEcon – research internship offer

We are pleased offering two interesting and challenging international research internships in our Erasmus+ funded BioEconomy Project.

Both research internships will focus on the topic of modelling and analyzing timber biomass stock and potential yield at several marteloscope sites at research partner locations at the University of Valladolid in Spain, the HNEE and the three forest science universities in Vietnam the VNUF, VNU-HUS and TUAF.

Marteloscopes have been developed in France so the name derives from the French word “martelage” which means tree selection and the Greek word “skopein” meaning to watch. A Marteloscope is a permanent plot within the forest in which tree measurements and associated software are linked to provide a framework for in-forest training in selection and marking. It consists of a 1-hectare rectangular plot divided in 16 subplots of 25×25 m (numbered from 1 to 16) in which, at least, the species, height and diameter at breast height of every tree are measured and recorded. Based on these measures, its basal area and volume are calculated.

Your tasks will be to manage, analyze and model forest survey and inventory data from Marteloscope sites at our partner universities. You may extend and enlarge your internship to your M.Sc. thesis in 2020 if you will be inspired by the subject and the research environment at partner universities. You are invited to apply for an additional Erasmus+ scholarship for these research internships in Spain and Vietnam.

Your expression of interest or you applications can be sent to Dr. Kevin Beiler (
Further questions, you may address to me or to Dr. Beiler.


Prof. Dr. Jan-Peter Mund
HNE Eberswalde